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Hi, I'm Brandon



I was born and raised in Indian Head, MD. I attended Indian Head Elementary, General Smallwood Middle School, and Henry E. Lackey High School. I love this community and all it has provided me. Like the opportunity to meet the love of my life, work locally, and give back to the community that raised me. That's why I ran for Mayor, obtained my college education (CSM, SNHU), and work here without leaving my hometown. I want to create more opportunities for others to Live,  Learn, Work, and Play in Indian Head MD. 


Live, Learn, Work, and Play

Every community deserves to be a place to Live, Learn, Work, and Play. These 4 pillars outline a bigger vision and future for Indian Head.

LIVE - Many people call Indian Head home and it's a great place to grow up. Creating a diversity of options to help Indian Head grow and thrive is important for the town's future. 

LEARN - Every person deserves a quality education, opportunities for learning, and access to higher education. In Indian Head we are creating more portals for learning with the introduction of our Youth/Family readiness center, the CSM Velocity Center, and working in tandem with our local schools to promote local government and being involved within the community. We heavily supported Indian Head Elementary becoming a Judy Center, providing early childhood education and additional resources to our residents. 

WORK - Creating employment opportunities and local jobs reduce traffic regionally, improve communities, improve quality of life, and boost the local economy! Additionally, businesses contribute to the local tax base and reduce the government's reliance on YOUR property taxes. Having more career oriented employment in Indian Head just makes sense for everyone!

PLAY - Everyone enjoys a bicycle ride through nature, a friendly neighborhood park, and a place to have fun! Parks, attractions, events, and nature are all great things that improve our quality of life. Expanding on what we do well, improving what we have, and building new attractions to highlight Indian Head's natural qualities are what we must do to make Indian Head a great place to play.


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