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Why our community is the best....and is only going to get better.

Warning! I'm extremely biased when it comes to why Indian Head is the best community. I was born and raised here, I work here, I live here, and I'm the Mayor. So take everything I say with NO SALT, because even though I may be biased, it doesn't mean I'm not right.

Many would argue that having amenities, access to entertainment, employment, or a litany of other factors are the reasons their community is the best. Some would argue aesthetic appeal, how pretty things are, or the streetscape of the community.......but those people are all wrong. The basis for every community has to be the people! I grew up in a very diverse community in Indian Head. We all come from different backgrounds, we look different, our families have been here for hundreds of years or a few minutes. Most of those factors in communities would be things that divide us. In Indian Head, at least when I was growing up and now, it hasn't. Now, Indian Head's past, present, and future hasn't been all sunshine and roses, but we always find a way to make a difference and come together to support one another when we need it.

Indian Head is also a place where partisan lines seam to be erased. How could that be when just up 210 the Party lines that are so divisive seam stronger today than ever? It's 2 words that the Town Council focus on that both begin with the letter P.

The first is Positivity. Remaining positive regardless of the things going on around you is imperative to the completion of any goal. Every goal worth while is going to have its challenges, which frustrates some. When frustrations rise and your way doesn't work, a lot of people like to point fingers. In Indian Head and with our partners we have (or most of us have, but that's another story for another day) come together and worked our ways over and around those obstacles to get to our goal.

The other is Productivity. At the end of a hard days work everyone loves to admire the work you've done. In politics that can be hard sometimes and take many YEARS. It's important to celebrate the projects and give more credit than you receive. Credit costs nothing to give. so no matter how small a role anyone played, I've learned it just easier to give everyone credit, that way everyone goes away happy and is willing to help out next time!

This past week we had our Republican Governor Larry Hogan and our Democrat Congressman Steny Hoyer both visit Indian Head. What astounded me was both of these gentleman despite their political differences are helping Indian Head improve even more and praising the progress and positivity coming out of the town and base! Both believe Indian Head is ripe for more revitalizing and we had great conversations before their departure. Maybe if we all in this country focused on what we share, our similarities, and had conversations, we could work together to come up with a better government for the people. One that is Positive AND Productive. Just like were doing in my hometown of Indian Head....

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