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Black Lives Matter - Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

Justice reform, police reform, and racism of all kinds must be the priority for ALL leaders in the US.

The treatment of our police and our justice system against black people has long been egregious. We demand accountability. The pain that our black communities have felt for years, has been felt by many recently, as members of the Minneapolis Police Department murdered George Floyd. It’s extremely unfortunate that it took this long for people to acknowledge systematic racism exists, and extremely unfortunate that it took a murder on video to make it happen. I condemn what happened in Minnesota and what has happened for years in the United States. We want racial justice. We want Police reform. We NEED to acknowledge the voices of millions and make the CHANGE. It’s not enough to just say “Black Lives Matter”, we must act and prove that “Black Lives Matter” locally, in our communities,

and nationwide. That’s why I will advocate and work with our state delegation this upcoming legislative session to make the change. Join the movement and end racism and police brutality in this country.

God Bless

Mayor Paulin

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Brandon Paulin

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